Front Door Decorations

When some people are asked to think about decorative doors their mind returns to the embellishment and carvings on several thousand year old doors located in Rome, Tunisia, and other old cities all over the world. As a rule, these doors are extremely heavy and many of them haven't been even repainted by man for centuries. Usually these doors open ancient historical buildings people come to from different countries of the world. One can spend quite a while before such ancient door thinking about everything it could see at that place. Thus, these doors are leading to such well-known buildings as the Baptistry in Florence, the Famous House of Wonders in Zanzibar, Ghiberti's 'Gate of Paradise', and many others.

Of course contemporary doors have a completely different look but still they attract millions of people's eyes. Nowadays, every homeowner has an opportunity to decorate a door according to one's taste and desires. The modern market offers the following most popular types of front door decorations:

1. Front Door Curtains

There is nothing unusual about curtains used over one's windows but few homes have curtains on the front doors. But in reality, a front door decorated with a stylish curtain looks very nice. Today, this type of front door decorations isn't for decorating only, but it can also be used to protect your house from too much sunshine. At the same time the room will be enough lit.

Choosing a curtain for your front door it's recommended to pay special attention to the feel and general look of the room. Thus, for instance, French doors in a country sitting room will look better with wooden door panels. It would be right to choose the door curtain that would match a sofa cover and decorative pillows lying on it.

2. Front Door Signs

The owners of huge estates are fond of naming them. Usually these names are written on special signs which are further located on the front door to display the owner's name. This front door decorating is common in rural areas where it's very difficult to find a house according to its address. As a rule, these signs are made of wood that matches the material from which a front door is produced.

However, it should be mentioned that these signs can be hang not only on the front doors of residential buildings but also on those of restrooms, restaurants, shops, offices, banks and social establishments. You can easily create your own door sign as well as decorate it to your taste. This will certainly raise the spirits of your visitors for the rest of the evening.

3. Front Door Windows

Finally, a very nice front door decoration is a window in it. This is not a common type of decoration today, mainly because most of homeowners are afraid of having windows in their front doors not to be an easy target for burglars. These are usually French doors that have windows and people who have seen them at least once are dreaming to get the same ones in their own house. A front door with a window will always look stylish. Some people prefer to have a narrow window in their doors. Usually it's made of clear or smoked glass.

You can always add an interesting and unique detail to your front door. You'll appreciate having stain glass windows in your house, but the disadvantage of these windows is that they can be suitable not for every house. Nevertheless, if they do they'll add colour and a feel of art to your home.